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Symptoms Of Arthritis In The Knee

Arthritis is an inflammation of joints. It causes pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints. Arthritis can affect the wrist, shoulder, elbows, knees, hip and other joints. Though any joint in the body may be affected by arthritis, the knee is quite common. The elderly especially suffer from knee arthritis and in rare cases, children may too suffer from knee arthritis. Not treating arthritis can make the pain and the swelling worse. Depending upon the severity of the condition, people with knee arthritis may find it hard to do daily activities like walking, climbing stairs etc. Pain, swelling and stiffness may make it difficult to lift objects and bend down.

Age and arthritis

Age is one of the major risk factors. With age, the cartilage that provides cushioning between knee joints undergoes wear and tear which in turn can cause inflammation of the joints.

Here are a few symptoms that are characteristic of knee arthritis:

  1. Swelling and tenderness: Arthritis may cause swelling in the knees. The swelling may come and go. The swelling is more pronounced after a period of rest and, thus, swelling is often more prominent when you wake up in the morning. The skin near the knee joint may feel warm and tender when you touch it.
  1. A gradual increase in pain: Usually, the intensity of the arthritis pain develops slowly and gradually increases. In some cases, you may also experience pain suddenly, however, in most cases, the pain increases slowly. You may experience sudden pain if you have been inactive for a while.
  1. Limited range of movement: Knee arthritis causes stiffness in the joints and makes it difficult for you to do certain activities. Climbing stairs, running or even kneeling becomes difficult or rather impossible. With a restricted range of motion, you may need walking aids like a cane or a crutch or a walker. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, then the condition will wear down the cushioning between the joints progressively making the knee arthritis worse.
  1. Locking of knees: Arthritis can often lead to locking of the knee joint. Locking of the knee joints mean that your joints get stuck and you are unable to release them immediately. When a joint locks, you cannot bend or straighten the joint. It’s quite a painful experience.

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