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Quick Relief/ First Aid

Soothing solutions

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Quick Relief/ First Aid

Soothing solutions

Orthoherb Thermagel

Rs. 50.00

Mygrane Oil

Rs. 250.00

Mygrane Tablets

Rs. 345.00


Rs. 80.00

Jatyadi Gritham

Rs. 45.00

Experience Rapid Relief with our Ayurvedic First Aid Essentials

Be prepared for life's little mishaps with our range of quick relief and first aid Ayurvedic products. Crafted with potent herbs and natural ingredients, these formulations are designed to provide immediate comfort and relief from common ailments and minor injuries. From soothing herbal oils for muscle strains to fast-acting digestive aids for stomach discomfort, our products offer gentle yet effective solutions for your everyday health needs.

Trust in the healing power of Ayurveda and keep our first aid essentials close at hand for rapid relief whenever you need it most!