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Best Food Habits To Follow In The Summers

During the summer months, you may feel dehydrated and experience low energy levels. The sweltering weather can drain your body of energy. Summer is also the season when most people complain of health issues reported like acid reflux, gas and acidity. While it is important to protect yourself from the sun by wearing a pair of sunglasses and carrying an umbrella, it is equally important to keep your body cool from the inside. Small changes in your food habits can help you keep your body cool from within and avoid stomach-related health issues.

Here are the best food habits to follow in the summers: 

  1. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables: While summer is a harsh time, it’s also an amazing time when you get a lot of fruits and vegetables to eat. Watermelon, oranges, apples, pear, peaches are some of the fruits that will help you keep cool from within. Instead of eating food that is high in salt, opt for fresh salads that are rich in antioxidants. Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables is the best way to keep yourself healthy during summer. Avoid fried and oily food items. 
  1. Have smaller, more frequent meals: No matter what weather it is outside, it is best to have smaller and frequent meals. Eating smaller portions more frequently can help you keep your energy levels high and boost your metabolism. Spreading your meals throughout the day keeps you from overeating and, thus, avoid common stomach-related issues.
  1. Do not skip breakfast: Long working hours and summer heat can make you feel exhausted. Having breakfast can help you feel less tired during the day. Make sure that your breakfast is full of fresh fruits and juices. Skipping breakfast regularly can cause gas troubles. Eating breakfast is all the more important for those who experience acid reflux, acidity and other digestive issues.
  1. Avoid carbonated beverages: On a hot and sweaty day, grabbing a soda to quench your thirst may seem like an obvious choice. It may give you instant sugar rush but it will leave you dehydrated. A glass of plain water is the best. Carbonated beverages not only leave you feeling depleted, but they also trigger acid reflux.
  1. Quench your thirst with water: The best way to keep your body cool is to stay hydrated. Drinking water also aids digestion. It also neutralises the acids in the stomach and, thus, keeps acidity and heartburn at bay.

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