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Grey Hair Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Going grey is a natural part of the ageing process. Most people start to notice the first few greys when they are in their 30s, but for some, the process can start much earlier. Although a common change, greying of the hair is largely misunderstood. So much so, that there are several myths about it that lead to misconceptions. Here, we have listed and debunked some of the most common myths about grey hair:

  1. Hair styling products cause premature
    One of the biggest myths is that using hair styling products such as hair cream and hair sprays causes premature greying of hair. The causes of premature greying are different. Genetics is one of the major causes of premature greying. An individual is likely to develop premature greying if his/her parents have had the condition. Vitamin B-12 deficiency and problems in the pituitary/thyroid gland are some of the other causes of premature greying.
  2. Stress causes greying of hair
    You must have heard that factors such as stress, tension, and anxiety cause greying of hair. This isn't entirely true. As mentioned above, greying of hair is one of the common signs of ageing. Hair starts turning grey when the pigment cells in the hair follicles that make melanin start to die with increasing age. Melanin is a chemical that gives the hair its natural colour. Stress may be indirectly related to greying of hair as it amplifies the effects of ageing on our health.
  3. Plucking a grey hair will cause three more to grow back
    There is an old misconception that holds if you pluck a grey hair, three more will grow back in place of it. This isn't true. While another grey strand may replace the one you have plucked, but it isn't true that more number of strands may grow back.

    With that being said, it isn't a good option to pluck you grey hair. Pulling your hair can damage the follicles. Over time, this habit can set in and cause your luscious locks to start thinning.

Maintain good hair health with ayurvedic hair oils

Our ayurvedic hair oil for grey hair, Mayukhi Herbal Hair Oil, helps control premature greying. The natural ingredients of the hair oil, including gooseberry, bhringraj and vilwa improve the overall hair health. The hair oil also moisturises the scalp which gives your hair a nice and healthy look.

You can also check our Kasthuri Hair Oil, an ayurvedic hair oil that prevents premature greying of hair and lowers hair fall. It’s good for hair growth as it contains several beneficial ingredients, including gooseberry, indigo plant, bhringraj and bibhitaka.

We recommend combining the use of our ayurvedic hair oils with a healthy and active lifestyle. Making healthy lifestyle choices such as exercising regularly, following a healthy and balanced diet and getting sufficient sleep will improve your overall health. And the better your overall health, the healthier your hair will be.

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