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5 Reasons Why You Feel Bloated

Bloating is a sign that your gut has an unhealthy balance of digestive enzymes and bacteria. The underlying causes of bloating can be very different - from extremely serious to trivial. Hence, if you notice that the bloating episodes keep returning frequently, discuss it with your doctor.  

Over here we discuss some of the common reasons that could be causing your bloating: 

1. Eating too much: It’s easy to go overboard when there is delicious food on the table. Overeating is one of the common causes of bloating. When you eat too much, your digestive organs have to work hard to break down the food properly, thus leading to discomfort. It usually takes hours for the discomfort to go away. And, the more you eat, the longer the digestive system will take to process the food. Skipping meals, however, can be counterproductive. If you are feeling bloated after eating too much, then make sure the next meal you eat is fibre-rich and drink enough water to get your digestive system moving. 

2. Eating fried and greasy food: Eating fried, greasy, and fatty foods forces the digestive system to work overtime. This can cause bloating, nausea and discomfort. As greasy and heavier food are difficult to digest, the stomach pushes the acid back up into the food pipe, causing acidity and heartburn. Regular intake of fried and high-fat foods increases your risk of experiencing uncomfortable episodes of acidity. Eating light meals can help you avoid frequent bouts of acidity. You can also try ayurvedic medicine for acidity Anticid. It helps you get long-lasting relief from acidity and other digestive issues. It is 100% herbal and contains the goodness of coriander, chopchini, nutgrass and caraway --- all the ingredients that have been traditionally used for relieving gastric disorders and hyperacidity.

3. Leading an inactive lifestyle: The health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle are many including, stress and constipation that can cause bloating. Regular exercise helps in regulating bowel movements and in making sure the digestive system is working at its best. Also, anxiety, stress and depression can trigger symptoms in the gut that can disturb its natural equilibrium and cause bloating and acidity.  

4. Intolerance to certain foods: Unlike food allergies, food intolerance is not life-threatening. But it can cause problems like bloating and gas. While food allergies have immediate reactions, symptoms of food intolerance can be delayed by up to 48 hours. It is, therefore, difficult to specifically narrow down the foods that are causing symptoms like bloating, diarrhoea and headaches. Maintaining a food journal can help you avoid certain foods like dairy products, beans and cruciferous vegetables. 

5. Long gaps between meals/skipping meals: If you think long gaps between meals or skipping meals can help you lose weight, think again. Eating irregularly causes a build-up of gas which causes bloating.  

In today’s fast-paced life, indigestion is a very common problem. Long gaps between meals, eating out and having dinner late in the night are common practices among working professionals.  If you are suffering from gastric disorders, you can also try our ayurvedic medicine for hyperacidity, Pept-O-Tone Capsules.  It neutralises the gastric acids in the digestive tract and improves your appetite. 


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