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This list of FAQs will help you select the best ayurvedic medicine for joint pain

Joint pain can affect people of all ages. Many people turn to ayurvedic medicines to get relief from joint pain, swelling and stiffness. Over here we address common questions related to joint pain that will help you select the best ayurvedic medicine for joint pain: 

1.What are some common causes of joint pain? One of the most common causes of joint pain  in older adults is arthritis. Arthritis in young people is not very rare. Systemic inflammatory arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis are commonly seen in younger. In addition to arthritis, conditions such as gout, osteoporosis and tendinitis can cause joint pain. In younger people, an injury, especially a sports injury, can lead to joint pain. 

2.What are the symptoms of joint pain? If you have joint pain, the area around the joint will be swollen and turn red. You may experience pain for more than three days and sometimes the pain can continue for months. 

3.Who is at the risk of developing joint pain? While anyone can suffer from joint pain, some factors do increase the risk. Obesity can put one at high risk of developing knee pain. Physical labour especially involving repetitive action and bad posture can also lead to joint pain over time. 

4.How can ayurvedic medicine help joint pain? Taking ayurvedic medicine like Pankajakasthuri’s Orthoherb tablets can help you get relief from swelling and stiffness associated with joint pain. You can take this ayurvedic medicine to get relief from all types of inflammatory joint conditions. 

5.Is there any specific ayurvedic oil for joints? Yes, our Orthoherb oil is a blend of 19 different herbs that have been carefully selected for their physiological effects. The anti-inflammatory properties of this ayurvedic oil help in reducing the pain and stiffness making the joints flexible, strong and healthy. 

6.What is the best ayurvedic medicine for joint pain that can be taken orally? Pankajakasthuri’s Orthoherb tablets can be taken orally.

7.Are there any natural remedies for joint pain? Joint pain can be managed with lifestyle changes and ayurvedic medicines. Also, massaging the affected area with ayurvedic oil will help you get relief from the pain. Low-impact exercises like yoga, swimming and even walking can help you increase the flexibility of the joint and reduce pain. Before starting any new exercise, it is advisable to consult your doctor. 

8.Are there any specific food items that can help you get relief from joint pain? Noted for their anti-inflammatory properties, ginger and turmeric are important spices that you can add to your diet to manage your joint pain. Green leafy vegetables like spinach and collards and nuts like almonds and walnuts also help fight inflammation. 

9.Which is the best ayurvedic medicine for joint pain? Pankajakasthuri’s Orthoherb tablets and oil are suitable for people of all ages. The ayurvedic preparations are made with a potent combination of herbs and natural ingredients to help you get relief from joint pain. 

Being Kerala’s first ISO 9000 certified company in Ayurvedic medicine, our Ayurvedic products undergo a rigorous quality check. Made from raw materials sourced from some of the best plantations in India, our ayurvedic medicines undergo comprehensive testing.

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