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COVID-19: Self-Protection Tips When Commuting In Public Transport

As COVID-19 lockdowns start to ease, one of the key challenges that people face is how to commute safely in public transport. Many people do not have their own vehicles and are dependent on public transport. Be it availing cabs or boarding trains and buses, many are worried about resuming commuting by public transport. Though the various governments are looking at different ways of sanitising public transportation systems, you as an individual must also take necessary precautions to stay safe while using public transport.

Over here we discuss a few simple ways to help you to travel in a secure way: 

  1. Keep your distance: When it comes to travelling on public transport, the importance of social distancing cannot be emphasised enough. It’s best to stay at a safe distance from others. The more crowded the vehicle, the greater the risk. To follow the social distancing norm, it’s best to board a less-crowded vehicle. Avoid gathering in groups and leave a row between yourself and others whenever possible. Though the bus or train you have boarded may get crowded eventually, what should you do then? Wear a mask, keep a distance from others. 

  2. Watch your mouth: Whether you are travelling on a bus or train, you must always follow respiratory etiquettes. To prevent the transmission of all respiratory infections, including COVID-19, wear masks all the time while travelling. Sneeze into your elbow instead of your hands. Tissues once used should be discarded. Wash your hands properly with soap and warm water before touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 

  3. Be careful of surfaces: When using public transportation, limit touching surfaces such as ticket counters, handrails, restroom surfaces, elevator buttons, and benches as much as possible. Consider wearing gloves so that you don’t have to touch metal surfaces with your bare hands. We understand that it’s next to impossible to avoid touching the surfaces altogether. Thus, it’s important to carry hand sanitisers when travelling. Use hand sanitiser before and after touching a surface other people have touched.

  4. Clean your hands after travelling: After getting off the vehicle, be it bus or train, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. 

  5. Avoid peak hours:  The most important aspect of keeping COVID-19 at bay is social distancing. Plan your commute in such a way that you avoid the peak hour rush when you are likely to be surrounded by a lot of people. It’s best to travel early in the morning. Even when there is less crowd, it’s best to cover your nose and mouth properly. Also, sanitise your hands once you enter and exit different stations or bus stops. 

We hope you find these self-protection tips useful. At Pankajakasthuri, we urge you to take all the precautions to practice social distancing and stay safe.  

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