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Common Hair Mistakes To Avoid

Regular brushing, washing, conditioning, and oiling - you may follow several hair care steps to keep your locks looking its best. But are you sure you’re doing everything right when it comes to taking proper care of your hair?

It's common to have a perception that nobody knows your hair better than you do. But that's not the case always as it's easy to go wrong when maintaining your hair. Here are common hair mistakes for you to avoid:

1) Brushing harshly

Sure, you'd want your hair to be tangle-free. But that doesn't mean you brush harshly as it can cause hair fall, especially if it's done right after a warm bath. Depending on how tangled and frizzy your hair gets, choose a hairbrush with narrow or wide-spaced bristles. Be gentle when brushing your hair, apply full strokes from the scalp to the tip of your hair. 

If you are experiencing regular hair fall, manage the condition with our ayurvedic oil for hair fall, Mayukhi Herbal Hair Oil. The hair oil helps you control your hair fall naturally and safely. Mayukhi Herbal Hair Oil is prepared entirely from natural ingredients such as amla, neelini, and bhringraj. Therefore, the hair oil doesn't have any side effects. Learn more about the hair oil here.

2) Limit the use of hair styling tools

Hairstyling tools such as hair dryers and hair straighteners come handy in nailing the hairstyle that you are going for. However, heat from these products can damage your hair over time. Make sure to work quickly when styling your hair with these products.

When using a hair straightener, use quick strokes and avoid keeping your hair in between the heating irons for too long. Also, make sure to maintain a certain distance from your hair when using a hairdryer. 

3) Limit or avoid chemical-based hair colours

It's easy to be tempted to try a new colour on your hair and get a new look. However, hair colours, especially chemical-based ones, are bad for your hair and can cause hair loss, frizzy hair, and greying.

It's best to avoid hair colours to retain your hair’s natural shine. If your profession requires you to colour your hair, choose hair colours with the least chemicals. Also, make sure to give your hair time between chemical treatments. 

4) Avoid shampooing every day

Washing your hair and keeping your scalp clean is one of the most important hair care steps to take. However, if you shampoo every day, you might be causing damage to your hair. Shampoo traps oil and causes your hair to become dry and prone to breakage. This, in turn, can lead to thinning of your hair.  

It’s best to wash your hair with shampoo every 2 to 3 days. If you have a habit of washing your hair every day, dry shampooing can be a good alternative. Also, you can simply spritz your scalp with water and dry with a towel or medium heat.   

5) Making tight hair ties

Tight hair ties can put pressure on your hair roots and damage your hair follicles which, in turn, can lead to hair loss. Making tight hair ties that pull your hair can cause breakage which can lead to hair thinning. Make sure to loosely tie your hair and limit hair tying styles that put pressure on your hair roots.  

Maintain a dandruff-free and healthy hair

Choose our ayurvedic hair oil for hair fall and dandruff, Pankajakashuri Dandruff Oil, to control dandruff and hair loss. The hair oil also provides relief from scalp itching. Learn more about the hair oil here

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