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6 Things You Need To Know About Sneezing

Achoo! That’s what most of you must be involuntarily saying when sneezing. Everyone sneezes. However, they may be sneezing for different reasons. And, many of you may find sneezing embarrassing but it’s a reflex action over which you simply have no control. Sneezing is your body’s way of clearing the nose when dust, pollen or any other foreign particles enter your nose. Basically, sneezing is your body’s first defense against bacteria. Cold and flu are definitely the major causes of sneezing but there are many other reasons why you sneeze. Though sneezing may be involuntary, you may still want to try natural remedies to stop sneezing and boost your immunity. If you have been sneezing a lot, here are 6 things you need to know:

  1. Sneezing helps keep bacteria and germs at bay: By trying to keep the germs and bacteria out of your body, sneezing is helping you to remain healthy. Whenever a foreign substance like animal dander or black pepper enters your nostrils, your immune system sets off the trigger, signaling your brain to sneeze. Sneezing is keeping bacteria and viruses at bay. It for the same reason that you sneeze a lot when you are sick. When allergies cause a runny nose, the body through frequent sneezing tries to remove the unnecessary fluids.
  2. Allergies can cause you to sneeze: Anything and everything that irritates your nose can make you sneeze. Be it particles of dust, pollen or animal dander, anything which irritates your nasal passage can make you sneeze. But if you are sneezing more than once at one go, then you may be having an allergic reaction. The best way to find your allergy is to take note of what is making you sneeze. While some people may sneeze when they are near allergens like pet dander, feather or dust, some people sneeze when the season changes and there are pollens in the air.
  3. Sneezing can be a symptom of chronic bronchitis: Are you experiencing cold, cough along with sneezing for months? Then you must not ignore this. When cough and sneezing persist for months (at least three months), then you may be suffering from chronic bronchitis. Along with cough, you may experience wheezing and shortness of breath. If not managed properly, chronic bronchitis can get worse and advance into very severe respiratory diseases.
    Looking for chronic bronchitis ayurvedic treatment?

    Our ayurvedic medicine for bronchitis, Breathe Eazy, helps to manage the symptoms associated with chronic bronchitis naturally. It is also an ayurvedic medicine for allergic bronchitis. Breathe Eazy eases the breathing difficulties and sneezing. Also, Breathe Eazyhelps you build strong immunity against allergy. Breathe Eazy is available in granules, syrup and tablet forms. Buy Breathe Eazy here

  4. Sneezing can be stopped by avoiding triggers: If you think your sneezing is caused by an allergy, then learning your triggers can help. Avoiding those triggers can prevent you from sneezing.
  5. There are different kinds of sneezing: If you have an allergy, then you will immediately sneeze on being exposed to allergens. On the other hand, if there are cold germs, then it may take a few days to make you sick. You may start with a sniffle and eventually move on to sneezing. While cold-related sneezing can last up to a few days, allergy-related sneezing can continue up to two weeks.
  6. You can stop sneezing using natural methods: If you wish to get rid of continuous sneezing, you can use some natural ways. Having citrus fruits helps to build the immune system and helps to fight against bacteria. Rich in antioxidants, amla is good for building immunity.

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