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5 Easy Changes To Make To Your Diet

Your diet determines a lot – your overall health, your mood, your sleeping habits, your weight and a lot more. In today’s fast paced world it’s easy to opt for convenience over health and so we end up reaching for a bag of chips instead of an apple or a glass of water. Dinner tends to be mostly late or as a takeaway, but in the long run, all of this can cost you your health. We bring you 5 easy and quick no-fuss changes you can make to your diet to stay healthy.

  1. Eliminate the junk: Take an honest look at your current diet. Stay away from the junk foods aisle at the supermarket. See how many instant, frozen or convenient packaged foods are on your list. There’s a saying that if what you eat does not come from nature, it’s probably not good for you. So start by cutting out unnecessary junk from your diet.
  2. Avoid huge meals: Instead of 3 large meals, have 5 small meals of energy and protein-rich foods throughout the day. Include fruits, nuts, seeds, pulses and dairy in these 5 meals that will keep you charged up throughout the day. There should be a balance between sattvic and rajasic foods and tamasic foods should be avoided as far as possible. Sattvic foods include anything that easy to digest such as fruits and vegetables, and are known to keep your mind sharp. Rajasic foods stimulate your mind to keep it alert and include eggs, caffeine, meat, chillies etc. Tamasic foods comprise frozen foods, leftovers and other less healthy options.
  3. Water is the best drink: Steer clear of sweetened beverages – they contain an unhealthy and unnecessary amount of sugar. Replace them with fresh (not canned) fruit juice and water. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.
  4. Eat the right kind of fats: Fats are not always unhealthy but transfats, found in most junk food, are unhealthy. Instead, opt for healthy fat sources like ghee, olive oil, fresh cream, homemade butter, nuts and seeds and even avocados. Eat them in small portions though, to maintain a balance.
  5. Conquer sweet cravings: Too many sweets are bad for you and can increase blood sugar to amplify your risk for diabetes. The next time you want chocolate, opt for bitter dark chocolate and have just one small piece. Or you can even go for low fat flavoured yoghurt.

The above tips are super easy for you to incorporate into your daily schedule, and before you know it, your fast food cravings will be a thing of the past.

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