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The Benefits Of Baby Massage

Massages, when done in the right way, can help your baby feel nurtured and loved. Include infant massages in your daily baby care routine for these wondrous benefits:

1) Relief from gas

Gas is one of the most common problems in infants. It can cause discomfort and make your baby fussy. In many cases, gas in infants leads to bloating as well. Giving your baby a massage is a good way to help him/her get relief from gas.

2) Improved sleep

Massaging your baby is a great way to help him/her feel relaxed which, in turn, may improve sleep. Newborns often have trouble sleeping at night. If your baby is often cranky and fussy during nighttime, give him/her a gentle massage before bedtime.

3) Relief from constipation

It’s common for infants to have constipation once in a while. But at times, hard stools can be bothersome and cause discomfort for your baby. If your baby doesn’t poop for a couple of days and then has a hard stool, he/she may be having constipation. A gentle massage can help your baby get relief from the discomfort.

4) Skin health

Massages also help your baby’s skin stay soft and smooth. When massaging your baby, use our ayurvedic baby massage oil, Baby Oil. The natural ingredients of our Baby Oil such as Saffron, Milk, and Turmeric are gentle on your baby’s skin and provide nourishment.

Are you searching for the best ayurvedic oil for baby massage?

We recommend you to take a look at our Ayurvedic baby oil which is formulated to strengthen your baby's delicate bones and moisturise the skin. Get more details of our Ayurvedic baby massage oil here.

Important facts on baby massage for new parents

  • You can start massaging your baby after the first few weeks of birth. However, before starting the massage, check your baby’s mood. He/she should be calm and alert. Never start the massage if your baby turns his/her head away.

  • Wash your hands and remove jewellery before starting the massage.

  • Massage your baby in a comfortable and safe place. The place you are choosing must allow free and fun movement of the baby without any risk of him/her getting injured.

  • Communicate with your baby while giving a massage.

  • If you baby seems happy you can continue with the massage. However, if he/she turns head away from you or if you notice their arms stiffen, stop the massage immediately.

  • While massaging your baby use a gentle touch. Don’t tickle your baby as it might irritate him/her.

  • Before starting the massage, keep everything you’ll need near you -
  1. Baby oil

  2. Towels

  3. Baby’s clothes that he/she will wear after the massage

  4. Clean nappy

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