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Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Many of you may fall sick during the flu or viral season. However, there are many who do not fall ill so often. You may be wondering the reason behind this. Well, when your body’s immune system is strong, it can boost your odds of staying healthy and not fall sick quite often. Having a strong immune system can reduce your chances of getting viral infections and flu. But how can you build a strong immune system? There are several ways to strengthen your body's defences. By changing a few aspects of your lifestyle you can strengthen your immune system. However, a strong immune system doesn’t make you invincible against all diseases but it increases the odds of you fighting an illness.

Here are a few ways to boost your immune system naturally:

  1. Exercise regularly: Working out on a regular basis can have many benefits for your health. Moderate exercises like walking, running, and swimming helps your body to stay healthy. Exercising regularly makes you feel less lethargic and more energetic. However, one must not overdo it. Intense exercise can actually prove to be counterproductive.
  2. Eat healthy: Having a diet that is full of nutrients can help you keep cold and flu at bay. Follow a diet that is full of fresh vegetables and fruits. Antioxidants in fruits and vegetables can help boost the immune system. During the flu season, make sure to eat citrus fruits like oranges to strengthen your immune system. Avoid junk food as they are high in salt and sugar. Also, drink water to keep your gut healthy so that the food you eat is easily processed and waste is eliminated from the body.
  3. Get sufficient sleep: The way exercising is important, it is equally important that your body gets sufficient rest. When you don’t sleep properly on a regular basis, you are more prone to falling ill. You need 7 to 8 hours of good sleep to keep your immune system strong. To boost your defences, make sure to get sufficient sleep.
  4. Practise good hygiene: Make good hygiene a habit. Frequently washing your hands, sneezing and coughing into tissues and keeping your surroundings clean can help to keep germs at bay. One should wash hands after using the bathroom or touching public surfaces.

Ayurvedic medicine for allergy and sneezing

A strong immune system can help you ward off cold, sneezing, and cough especially during the cold and flu season. If you are looking for ayurvedic medicine for cold, allergy and sneezing, then check Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy. Made with the potent combination of herbs and natural ingredients, Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy builds up a strong immunity against allergy and clears phlegm out of lungs. The product is available as granules, syrup, and tablets.

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