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Lung Health Tips

Smoking and exposure to air pollution, toxic fumes, and dust can have damaging effects on the lungs. Here, we discuss the essential tips to protect your lungs and maintain their health:

  1. Stop smoking
    You must be aware of the fact that smoking causes lung cancer. But did you know that smoking also increases the risk of other lung diseases including asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)?
    Cigarette smoke contains a number of toxic chemicals including carbon monoxide, nicotine, and tar.  These toxins increase mucus production, which in turn irritates and inflames lung tissues. Inflammation of lung tissue causes the airways to narrow over time, making it difficult for you to breathe.  Quitting smoking is challenging but not impossible. Preparing a quit day is a great way to get rid of the habit. Lowering stress and getting help from behavioural support service are other effective ways to quit smoking.
  2. Exercise
    Regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve lung health. When you exercise, your body requires more oxygen to fuel the muscles. This way, the lungs perform their best and take in more oxygen from the air. Aerobic exercises are the best workouts for your lungs. Doing them regularly makes your lungs more efficient.
  3. Lower exposure to pollutants
    The harmful pollutants in the air damage your lungs. Your lungs become more vulnerable to infections and diseases caused by pollutants.  The best practice is to lower your exposure to pollutants as much as possible. Make sure that you don’t exercise near heavy traffic area where the surrounding air is polluted. Avoid exposing yourself to Passive smoking. Take safety precautions such as wearing a pollution mask if you have to spend time near mining and construction works. When indoors, you can use an air purifier to lower air pollutants inside your home.
  4. Avoid scented candles
    Do you use scented candles to remove bad odour in your home? Then, let us tell you a fact – scented candles do not freshen the air, they just mask bad odours. The fragrance of scented candles can trigger asthma attacks in many people.
    The healthy way to get rid of foul smells is to figure out what’s causing them and let more air into the room. Organic air filters such as activated bamboo charcoal filters absorb odour and are entirely non-toxic.
  5. Prevent infection
    Often, infectious respiratory diseases such as cold and flu are spread through touch. To lower such risks, wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap/cleaner before every meal.  If you don’t have soap and water, use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
    If you are suffering from cough and cold, then you can explore Pankajakasthuri’s 100% natural Ayurvedic medicine for cough here.
  6. Stay hydrated
    Water is essential for any cleansing action and improving blood flow. Drinking sufficient quantity of water helps in improving blood flow to the lungs and keeping them hydrated.
  7. Healthy Diet
    A healthy and balanced diet is important for maintaining overall health and improving organ function. Include beans and nuts in your diet as they contain magnesium which improves lung function. Cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage lower the risk of lung cancer.
    Ginger, garlic, and onion have anti-inflammatory properties. These food items also help in removing pollutants from the lungs.

For healthy lungs, explore our 100% natural Ayurvedic medicines

By combining a healthy and disciplined lifestyle along with Ayurvedic medicines, you can manage diseases like cough and asthma. At Pankajakasthuri, we provide Ayurvedic products to manage breathing problems; these products are based on centuries-old Ayurvedic formulations.

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