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Knee Pain Don’ts

If your knee joints aren’t healthy, even simple activities such as walking and climbing stairs will be extremely difficult. You can use Ayurvedic medicine to relieve symptoms of knee pain, but there are certain activities that you should avoid to ensure that your condition doesn’t worsen. Here we discuss 9 don’ts when you have knee pain –

  1. Do Not Sit For Longer Periods
    Sitting for longer periods leads to a build-up of fluid. And it can worsen the pain in your knee joint. To prevent that, follow an exercise programme that’s safe for your knees. And if you are not sure which exercises will be best for you then consult a doctor. She/he can guide you.
  2. Do Not Indulge In High-Impact Exercises
    Exercises that exert pressure on your knee joints can cause serious damage to the knees. Exercises such as playing tennis and running cause more trouble for you already injured knees.
    Stop activities that cause excessive use of the muscles around your knees. If the condition gets aggravated, you may even need joint replacement surgery.
  3. Do Not Avoid Exercise At All
    Low-impact exercises such as cycling, swimming, gentle walking, and biking are best for your knee joints. However, always consult a doctor before you set your exercise regime.
  4. Do Not Jump Directly Into Your Workout Routine
    It’s because if you have knee pain or if you are suffering from arthritis then avoiding warm-ups is problematic. Usually, warm-up exercises prepare your joints for movements by lubricating them.
    As a result, the joints are less stiff and you can easily move them. This lowers the risk of any injury during the workout. After your workout, do not forget to cool down. This helps the joints reset after exercise. A doctor is the best person to instruct your appropriate warm-up and cool-down techniques before and after the exercise.
  5. Do Not Avoid Strength and Flexibility Training
    If you suffer from painful knee conditions such as osteoarthritis then it’s important that you include a plan for strength and flexibility training apart from the usual aerobic exercise. Flexibility and strength exercises help in supporting the muscles around the knee joints. Stretching helps in improving and maintaining the flexibility of the muscles around the joints.
  6. Don’t Shy Away From Using Devices for Walking Assistance
    Supporting devices such as knee braces and canes go a long way in supporting the knees, improving their function, and decreasing any discomfort in the muscles. Sometimes the knee pain gets so severe that your movement gets limited. It turns disabling. You may think of getting under the knife but it may not be the right time for a knee surgery as well. This is when walking assistance can help you move. Consult an occupational therapist for selecting the right device for you.
  7. Don’t Ignore Any New Symptoms of Knee Pain
    Arthritis affecting the knee joint is a chronic condition. Sometimes the pain may be less and sometimes it may get unbearable. You have to keep checking for changing symptoms.
    For instance, if the pain grows severe and starts occurring during periods of rest, or if it wakes you up in the middle of your sleep, then those may be the sign that the condition is progressing. Check for other symptoms such as locked knee, swelling and redness in the affected area. These are also of great concern. The doctor needs to be informed immediately so that your treatment plans can be adjusted or modified accordingly.
  8. Do Not Ignore Your Weight
    It’s because excessive weight puts your knees under lot of pressure. Losing weight will improve their functionality. The more weight you will lose, the greater the improvements. Please do not go on crash diet or starve yourself. Consult a doctor before making any changes in your diet.
  9. Don’t Ignore the Importance of a Good Pair of Shoes
    Shoes matter. It helps a lot in reducing stress on your knees. Try buying shoes with cushioned insoles. And if you have osteoarthritis in the knee, doctors may recommend special insoles that you can put inside your shoes. Talk to the doctor or the physical therapist for finding an appropriate insole for your shoes. Buy shoes that are flat and flexible and can mimic the natural mobility of the foot. This decreases the pressure on your knees during daily activities.

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