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Ayurvedic Tips For Navratri Fasting For Working Professionals

Navratri is a time for spiritual reflection and physical and mental detoxification. However, for those who are working professionals, it can be very difficult to manage a proper schedule and work efficiently while fasting. Ayurveda focuses on a Sattvic diet consisting mainly of fruits, milk and preparations made from vegetables to cleanse and detoxify the body and focus the mind. Here are some great tips to keep your energy levels up at work while you fast during Navratri:

  1. Don’t overwork yourself: Set a clear schedule for your work, and don’t let fatigue overcome you. Navratri fasts are supposed to help your body rest and detoxify, and burdening yourself too much will have a detrimental effect on your health over the 9 auspicious nights. Make sure that eating too little doesn’t affect your performance at work.
  2. Make healthy food choices: Fasting is not an excuse to make up for not having your regular food by snacking on potato chips or other unhealthy snacks. Opt for fruits like bananas, apples, guavas and oranges that will keep your energy levels in check. Bananas provide instant energy so keep some handy at your desk.
  3. Maintain fluid levels: Avoid getting dehydrated – drink lots of herbal teas, vegetable juices and fruit juices during Navratri fasting to replenish your body fluids and salt levels. During the fast, food devoid of spices and salt is usually taken, so you can replace salt with rock salt so that your body does not become weakened during the fast.
  4. Prevent acidity: Not eating for extended periods of time can cause acidity. Keep acidity in check by always having a handful of fruits or nuts handy to snack on through the day when avoiding regular meals during the fast. It will provide you with energy and tide you through till the evening when you break the fast.
  5. Keep energy levels in check: Your energy levels can experience a dip during the Navratri due to fasting and reducing your daily food intake. Always ensure that you take adequate measures to avoid sapping your energy levels. When you break your fast, take protein and whole carb-rich food so that you will have ample energy to begin work the next day.
  6. Avoid stress: Stress can harm your health and weaken you further during the Navratri fast. Try not to stay hungry for hours together and drink lots of fluids to keep stress levels in check. You can take a breather for 5-10 minutes when work gets too overwhelming. In addition, make sure that you carry adequate Navratri fasting food with you when you are at work to reduce any stressful situations.

Navratri is a time for celebration, inner reflection and spiritual awakening, and fasting is one of the most common ways of channelizing one’s energies towards the divine, in most religions. In Ayurveda, fasting is seen as important to do periodically so that your body and mind keep getting rejuvenated. As working professionals, we often forget to take a break, and Navratri fasting reminds us of just that.

Happy Navratri from Team Pankajakasthuri!

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