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13 Tips For A Btter Digestive Health

Good digestive health is the key to overall well-being. It not only nourishes the body, but also aids tissue growth, and strengthens the immunity system to fight diseases.

In Ayurveda, our ability to digest (Agni) is one of the important factors to influence our overall health and well-being. If the Agni is weak, then it hampers digestion and leads to toxin build-up in the body.

Over here, we have listed down 13 essential tips to help you improve your digestive health

1) Eat when hungry only

When you eat when you are hungry, the digestive enzymes can properly break down the food. As a result, there will be no problems of bloating and indigestion.

2) Rest after eating

After finishing the meals, take rest for 15 minutes. Extreme physical activities and over exertion just after finishing the meals interfere with the digestive system’s ability to produce sufficient enzymes

3) Choose moist food items

Food items that are moist and easy to digest provide more nourishment to the body. However, don’t eat excessive oily food items as they can be difficult to digest

4) Don’t overeat

Overeating is one of the most common causes of indigestion. When you eat more food and that too frequently, it leads to acid reflux and indigestion.

The bigger the volume of food ingested, the harder it is for the digestive enzymes to completely break down the food

5) Avoid cold beverages and food items

Cold beverages weaken the digestive system and deteriorate the efficiency of digestive enzymes. It’s important not to drink cold beverages with meals. It’s easy for the digestive system to digest warm food items

6) Being composed when eating

Feeling agitated or stressed while eating, interferes with the digestive processes. If you aren’t in a peaceful state of mind before eating, meditate, gain your sense of calm, and then proceed with your meal

7) Avoid distractions when eating

When you are distracted while eating, you lose focus on your meal and chew improperly.  Try to lower distractions whenever you are eating your meal.  For instance, while eating don’t watch TV

8) Declutter the dining space

When your dining space is clean and uncluttered, you begin to enjoy your meals, which improves digestion

9) Drink plenty of water

Drinking sufficient quantity of water is the key to have a better digestive health. With proper hydration, our stomach produces digestive enzymes in sufficient quantity which helps in breaking down the food and absorbing the nutrients

10) Organic food

Organic food contains more vitamins and minerals than non-organic food. Organic vegetables contain 10 to 15% more phenolics which keep the gut balanced for better digestion

11) Maintain right meal timings

Complete your dinner before 8 PM. Also, the food you eat should be lesser in quantity and easier to digest. Eat your meals around the same time every day

12) Eat the largest meal at lunchtime

The digestive fire is at its strongest during midday. This makes noon the best time to eat your largest meal. As the day descends, the digestive fire subsides as the body prepares for sleep

13) Limit food items high in fat

Food items, which are high in fat, slow down the digestive process and lead to constipation and indigestion.

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